Oona Lewis

Oona Lewis

An abandoned trailer baking in the summer heat…Spoons reflecting light in random arrangement…The glow of sunlight refracted by flower petals and orange peels…

So much of our lifescape is dismissed as unimportant, or missed entirely in our frenetic worldly pursuits. Only when we stop and truly see, can we begin to appreciate and honor the simple miracles that surround us. Painting has made me a ‘seer’. Seeing has made me a painter.

I am fascinated by the ordinary, made extraordinary by the patterns of light and shadow that describe it. Every moment, every location, every subject, presents unique patterns, colors, textures and mood. All are worthy of exploration and creative interpretation.

I want you to look closely with me. Each stroke of paint is important and imparts information. I want you to step back and see the whole of what you are viewing. I want you to share with me the awe and wonder or our world, and the joy of truly seeing.

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E-mail: oona@artventuresnc.com or oonalewis@nc.rr.com   

Tel: 252-237-7430 / 252-236-1055